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Discover the power of a healthy smile with Unilaser’s endodontic specialists in Medellín! Our endodontic experts are here to give you with the treatment you require since we understand how vital it is to keep your teeth in good condition.

What is endodontics?

It is a specialty of dentistry that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and injuries to the tooth pulp and the tissues around the teeth’s roots.

The endodontist concentrates on preserving natural teeth by performing root canal operations. When the dental pulp gets infected or injured owing to cavities, dental trauma, fissures, or other circumstances, root canal treatment is performed.

The endodontist removes the infected or injured dental pulp, cleans and disinfects the inside of the tooth, and then fills and plugs the gap with a biocompatible material during this uncomplicated treatment.

An endodontist can save teeth and maintain oral health by performing treatments such as apicoectomy (removal of the tip of the tooth root), dental abscess treatment, pulp capping, and other specialist interventions in addition to root canal treatment.

¿Qué síntomas o afecciones trata la endodoncia?

What symptoms does endodontics treat?

¿Qué síntomas o afecciones trata la endodoncia?

The symptoms of a tooth that may require a root canal can vary from person to person, but some symptoms and common conditions include:

A severe and continuous toothache is a typical symptom of an infected or inflamed dental pulp.
Increased sensitivity or pain when consuming hot or cold foods or drinks may indicate a problem with the dental pulp.
Discomfort or pain when biting or applying pressure to the affected tooth is a possible indication of a dental canal problem
If there is an infection, swelling and tenderness in nearby gum tissue may occur.
The tooth may become discolored or darkened due to changes in the dental pulp caused by injury or infection. When this occurs, you should go to a dentist or directly to an endodontist.
Bad breath that does not go away even with good oral hygiene practices may be a sign of an infected tooth.
If there is a visible discharge of pus around the affected tooth or along the gum line, it is usually due to an infection.

Technology and Innovation
in Our Procedures

Tecnología e innovación en nuestros procedimientos Unilaser

The blue laser can enhance the treatment of periodontitis, the advanced stage of gum disease. The use of laser helps improve the prognosis of moderate or severe periodontitis.

That’s why we incorporate the D Laser Blue-Woodpecker Diode Laser into our procedures. This device is part of a new generation of high-powered dental diode lasers.

This technology plays a crucial role in sterilizing the area, acting as a preventive measure against potential future complications in the gums. In addition to its ability to eliminate bacteria in periodontal pockets, the laser also proves effective in removing plaque and tartar buildup along and below the gumline. With this procedure, the patient experiences no pain, providing a comfortable and effective treatment.

After the application of the laser on the damaged gum, there is an opportunity for regeneration, contributing to the improvement of the patient’s periodontal condition.”

Tecnología e innovación en nuestros procedimientos Unilaser

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Diseño de Endodoncia


A continuación podrá ver el antes y después de los procedimientos de Endodoncia que realizamos en Unilaser. 

Frequently asked questions

The price of endodontics, as is the case with root canal treatment, can vary depending on the number of canals or canals in the specific tooth requiring treatment..

For an accurate estimate, contact a Unilaser specialist!
Whether a root canal or tooth extraction is performed depends on factors such as the condition of the tooth, the extent of damage or infection, the feasibility of saving the tooth, among others. Unilaser endodontists strive to preserve natural teeth whenever possible, as they serve important functions and maintain the alignment of neighboring teeth. However, in some cases, tooth extraction may be necessary.
Endodontic treatments at UNILASER are always performed with the use of local anesthesia, which allows no pain to be experienced. However, some discomfort or sensitivity may occur in the days following treatment.
During a root canal, the infected or damaged pulp inside the tooth is removed. The pulp chamber and root canals are thoroughly cleaned, shaped and disinfected. They are then filled with a specialized material called gutta-percha. After a successful root canal treatment, the tooth can function normally and remain in place, serving its purpose.
Endodontic treatment covers procedures focused on the internal structures of the tooth, mainly the pulp and root canals and the most common procedure is dental root canal treatment, but there are also other procedures.

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We carry out virtual consultations anywhere in the world, wherever you are. Live the experience of having a smile the UNILASER style